Can Green Tea Help with Fibroids?

Posted by Dr. Lyndon Taylor on Feb 2, 2018 12:10:30 PM

green tea help with fibroidsAre there any herbal remedies that help with fibroids?


What are fibroids?

Uterine leiomyomas or better known as uterine fibroids are non-cancerous benign growths within the uterus. It is estimated that nearly 70% to 80% of all women will suffer from at least one fibroid during their lifetime [1]. The causes of fibroids are not fully understood but it is believed they are caused by a combination of genetics, environmental factors, and hormonal regulation including estrogen and progesterone [1]. Fibroids can range in numbers and size and sometimes become so large they can press against adjacent organs or even make you look pregnant. 


Listed below are some of the major symptoms of uterine fibroids [1,2]:

  • Abnormally heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding
  • Spotting or bleeding between periods
  • Pain or pressure in the pelvic region, back, and legs
  • Bladder problems including frequent urination 
  • Constipation or rectal pain
  • Visibly enlarged abdomen 

Green Tea and Fibroids

Imagine being able to drink your favorite beverage and treat a common health condition at the same time. If you weren’t aware of it already, your life is about to change. Recently released studies have affirmed that a substrate in green tea known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) inhibits the growth of uterine fibroids [3]. In this study, green tea containing 45% EGCG was taken by women suffering from fibroids and was shown to effectively reduce fibroid size and symptoms caused by fibroids [3]. 


In another important study, women with symptomatic fibroids were given 800mg of green tea containing EGCG for 4 months [4]. At the end of the trial results showed the following:


  • Decrease in fibroid size by an average of 32.6%
  • Decrease in symptom severity by 32.4% 


It appears EGCG has antioxidant, antiproliferative, and antifibrotic properties, all of which help reduce fibroid size [3,4]. These studies have found that EGCG is able to modify fibroids at the genetic level, inducing fibroids to undergo apoptosis, or cell death [4]. This is not surprising as previous studies have shown EGCG was able to inhibit growth in various types of malignant cancer cells but did not affect normal cells [4].


Additionally, fibroids are hormone sensitive—an increase in circulating female sex hormones can cause in increase in fibroid size. Many studies have shown that increased levels of estrogen can cause worsening symptoms [3-5]. Conversely, it has been shown that EGCG may have anti-estrogen properties [5]. By decreasing the concentration of estrogen affecting fibroids, they are likely to decrease further in size [5].

Although, green tea has been shown to reduce fibroid size, it is not a cure. A specialist in fibroids should still be consulted as there may be more options available to you in conjunction to drinking

green tea. Always check with your doctor before starting any natural healing regimen or herbal medication. 


What can I do from here?

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